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An innovative woundcare product

Altrazeal® Transforming Powder Dressing is a revolutionary wound treatment technology to promote the healing of exuding wounds. Altrazeal® powder particles are the result of a rigorous development program where the product has been engineered to provide the necessary wound-healing benefits.

Altrazeal® is designed to provide optimal oxygen and vapour transpiration, as well as microbial impermeability, tensile strength, and flexibility.

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OraDisc Product Shot

OraDisc™A, B & W

Muco-adhesive film products

  • OraDisc™ A is a novel mucoadhesive, water-erodible disc incorporating 2mg of amlexanox for the treatment and prevention of aphthous ulcers.
  • OraDisc™ B is a muco-adhesive erodible disc containing 15 mg of benzocaine which has been developed for the treatment of oral pain.
  • OraDisc™ W is an innovative, patented delivery strip for whitening teeth which completely erodes. ULURU’s proprietary tooth whitening product consists of a laminated bilayer strip that utilizes the OraDisc™ technology.

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