About Nanoflex® Technology         

Nanoflex technology is a new class of material designed to optimize the wound bed environment and accelerate healing. Produced as a sterile powder, Altrazeal® is unique in application and performance on a moist wound surface. When applied to a moist wound, the powder interacts with wound exudate and hydrates. Hydration with exudate causes the powder to aggregate irreversibly and form a moist wound dressing which conforms to the surface of a wound bed and seals the wound. The resulting material is neither a hydrogel dressing nor an amorphous hydrocolloid, but an engineered advanced material designed to provide specific properties to enhance wound healing.

Intellectual Property

  • Patent application and CIP filed covering Hydrogel Nanoparticle Aggregates and Injectable Aggregates.
  • Patent application filed related to formation of a wound dressing in situ.
  • Patent Application filed related to the formation of viscous gels for use as medical prosthesis.
  • Inventions:
    • Hydrogel nanoparticle aggregate formation is controlled by nanoparticle size, crosslinking, and zeta potential.
    • Injectable hydrogel nanoparticles that form permanent, erodible, or partially erodible aggregates with minimal surgical intervention.
    • Shape retentive hydrogel nanoparticle aggregates that allow controlled release of drugs or other molecules by particle size variations.
    • Wound dressings with or without actives are produced from nanoparticle powder on exuding wounds.